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Well, Yesterday my Dad, Julia (step mom) and Alex (step brother) come out to visit us for the day. And Dad and Julia said that they are getting us a fence for my birthday. Great! I have been waiting one for awhile. It will keep London and Raven in the yard and keep everything and everyone else out. So we go to Lowes and Dad talks to the guy about them installing it and the guy is going to have someone come out by Wednesday to measure everything and then he will call us and let us know what the estimate is. Ok cool.

So we go home to pull out the posts that have been there for God knows how long (they where there when we bought the house almost 5 years). So everything is going pretty good and then the battery in the truck died and wouldn’t start. It needed a new battery anyway so Mike and Alex’s went to Walmart and picked up the new battery and my Dad put it in and we started pulling out posts again.

Everything went pretty smoothly until we came to the last fence post. We pull it out and after a few second we could smell gas. I got down on my knees and smelled down in the hole and I could hear and smell the gas so I tell my Dad and we call the gas company and about 3 hours later (10:30 pm) they send someone out. The Gas guy was really nice. Explained how he isn’t from around here. He does the Fairmont route and had to come here cause they couldn’t get a hold of the guy who does the Clarksburg/Shinnston route. He checked the pipe and at first said it was just the threads leaking and then he found another little hole but he said that we did not cause it, that the leak was all ready there and that we just uncovered it. But he said that we will have to replace the whole main line from the road to our meter. We have to buy the materials and dig the thing and put it in ourselves. He said the pipes where probably 50 years old or more. The guy taped it up good and filled it in. See, we share a main line with our neighbors. The main line runs about 8 inches from the property line on our side. Then it comes to a V and splits off to our meter and the neighbors meter and then a pipe runs from our meter to our house. So the pipe that is leaking (the main line) does not effect our meter (meaning if there is a leak it does not raise our gas bill). I sure don’t see why we have to pay for the pipe and put it in. I was always told you only have to pay for any repairs if it is from your meter to your house. I am sure I am going to be arguing with the gas company.

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