Happy 8th Birhday, Raven!

Well, today is Raven’s 8th birthday, For school instead of bring cupcakes for all the kids she wanted to bring cosmic brownies (there made by little debbie). So Mike got her 4 boxes so she can take them to school. We are going to wait to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. It’s just so much easier to do it if she doesn’t have school the next day.

Mike went fishing last night by himself, cause he couldn’t get any of his so called friends to go and I couldn’t go cause Raven had school today (he stays out late catfishing).

I really need to go out back and clean up all the crap that the previous owners threw back there. There is glass and rusted metal things and all kinds of other crap back there. We don’t let Raven go down there. But I need to get it done before we get the fence installed cause I don’t want London going back there and cutting his little paws.

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