Trying to Live My Life

We decided to go ahead and give Raven her two birthday presents when she came home today. A wireless controller for the XBox and a “Family 10 game center”. Then we took her to the mall to let her pick out the Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt that they had at Hot Topic (she likes Sonic). While we where there I was looking at the clothing and the clearance. Nothing on clearance that I could fit into and I started to feel a little depressed. No, XL shirts or size 13 or 15 pants. It seems like they never have those sizes on clearances. Always sizes x-small and size 0, 1, 5 pants. But then I started thinking. What do they put on clearance? The left over clothing that they are trying to get rid of. So if they don’t have the sizes that I fit in too and only have the smaller sizes then that would lead one to believe that the sizes I wear fly off the shelves more then the size 0’s. That made me feel a little better. But then I looked at the cute little lingerie things they have at Hot Topic and so wished I could have some. I wish I had the money to get some. I also wish I could fit into them. Well actually I can fit into them but I don’t look good in them and what’s the sense of wasting money on something that you look disgusting in? 🙁

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