For dinner today Mike decided he was going to cook pork chops (to give me a break from cooking). So he fixes 6 pork chops (2 for himself, 2 for me and 2 for Raven) and some broccoli. While he was fixing the food, I was watching Raven play a game on the XBox and periodically yelling at her to “Run to the Right, Jump, Run Run Run!”. Mike called to us that it was ready and I brought Raven her plate and then went back into the kitchen and picked up one of the pork chops and flopped it down on my plate and went back into the living room to eat the delicious meal. After an undetermined amount of time I finished my first pork chop and went back into the kitchen to get my 2nd one. Same as before, but this time after about the second bite I noticed a little brown looking thing on the other end of the pork chop. I proceeded to bring it up towards my face for closer inspection. After a second or two the horror of what it was sunk in. I can only imagine the expression on my face. It was a SPIDER! I thought for sure the first pork chop I ate was going to end up all over the floor but I held it back and showed Mike and Raven. Mike throw the rest of my pork chop away and offered me the rest of his. I thankfully declined. I did not want anymore pork chops for today. The only thing we could figure was that the spider had either crawled into the pan before cooking or fallen into it after. If it was any other insect it wouldn’t have been that bad. But not a spider, I hate spiders!

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