My Political Gripe Today

It seems as if some people on the far left side of the political party are complaining because the new Pope is too conservative and was in Hitler’s Nazi Camp for Youths when he was a young lad. Ok, first I am going to start with him being too conservative. He’s a Catholic Pope you morons! Of course he is going to be conservative. He is suppose to teach and stand up for God’s word so he isn’t going to go soft. And the only reason why they are getting mad about it is cause they know he won’t back down about what is allowed and what is not. And this makes them mad. Cause they want religion but they want to be able to pick and choose what parts the believe in and follow and what parts they can just right off as the changing of times. You can not do that! You can not take the Bible and go through it saying “Well, that sounds good, we will keep that in. Oh I don’t like that so let’s just get rid of that right there”. You can not do that and you shouldn’t expect the Pope to do that either.

The second reason the far left is having a problem with this new Pope is because he was in Hitler’s Nazi Camp for Youths. Now come on people. We all do stupid things in our lives. He’s not a Nazi know. And why are you all getting your panties in a bunch. Here in the USA, you either voted for (if you live in WV) or not bitching about Robert C Byrd being in Congress. He is the senator of West Virginia (my great state except for this man) and he was part of the KKK in his youth. So what is the difference between the Pope and Robert C. Byrd? Well, one is consider conservative and the other is a Democrats. There’s a big shocker that the people way to the left wouldn’t start bitching about their own parties misdeeds when they where younger. Can you say double standards?

Not that it really matters to me cause I am not Catholic and don’t listen to what the Vatican says anyway.

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