“Unless your Gay, Stop riding my ass!”

Well, yesterday after Raven’s soccer game we went up to Walmart to do some grocery shopping and to get Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events on DVD. While driving to walmart we had a asshole riding the back of our car like an inch away. This has been happening way to often. So I turned to Mike and said “I wonder if riding someone’s ass (meaning the car’s bumper) could mean homosexual tendencies?”. Mike laughed and said that would be a good bumper sticker. “Unless your Gay, Stop riding my ass!”. We both laughed and then I said “You know how many people would be offended by that. People take things way to seriously and get worked up over the stupidest things.” We both laughed some more.

But that is so very true. People get offended way to easily. They don’t know how to laugh at themselves anymore. If you say anything, you risk the possibility of someone taken offence and calling you racist or prejudice and it’s stupid. Why can’t we all just sit back and calm down and laugh at ourselves sometimes and stop jumping the gun and accusing everyone of being racist or prejudice or homophobic. I guess that’s probably why I like Family Guy cause they make fun of everyone. They don’t just pick a certain race, religious belief, political party, sexual orientation. They are an equal opportunity offender. And it’s funny as hell.

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