When are the celebrities gonna learn?

Another celebrity goes and opens their big mouth and now they are mad cause some Americans are wanting them to apologize. When are these self righteous celebs going to realize that nobody wants to hear what your political views are. You are an actor, that is your job. If you speak openly about your views/beliefs then you had better expect some people are not going to agree with you and you might lose fans and movie roles because of that. So stop getting pissed and saying “It’s a free country, I can express my views.” Yes, you can but this being a free country I have the choice to not waste $8.00 to see one your movies just cause I disagree with you so stop winning about being black listed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is a very talented actress and her brother Jake Gyllenhaal (who is as far left as anyone person can get) is even more talented and oh so sexy. But they got to know that by saying certain things they are going to piss of the people that disagree with them. And not everyone can agree to disagree and still like the celebs that don’t have the same beliefs as them. Celebs say something’s that they got to know is gonna ruffle some feathers and then they act so surprised that it pisses some people off and they start getting all the negative feedback. I guess when you become a celeb you lose brain cells.

On another not, Raven first soccer game is today. Her team colors are pink and black. I don’t know what the team name is. I really don’t think they have one. I will be taking pictures.

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