5 year old handcuffed

Well, Wednesday Raven made her 2nd goal in soccer. She is getting so much better at it.

Ok, today I’m going to write about that 5 year old girl that was handcuffed and placed in the back of the cop car. Yes, maybe the police could of found a better way to handle the situation but how dare this mother sue the police and the school. They should be suing her for her child disrupting the class and the jobs of the police offer. Jesse Jackson says that the police and the school has traumatized this little girl. I think she has been more traumatized by being allowed to act the way she does. This little girl is probably going to grow up in trouble with the law but not cause the police putting her in handcuffs when she was 5 years old. This mother has all ready doomed her child to a life of crime by letting her act this way and by not teaching her right from wrong. This 5 year old has not yet been taught that you do not act that way. She doesn’t know how to respect adults and behave. If her mother hasn’t taught her those things yet then more then likely she isn’t going to start now. If her daughter has some type of mental and/or emotional problems then the mother needs to get her little girl help. I know that there are children out there that have problems and behave the way this 5 year old does but most of the parents who have these types of children take responsibilities for their child and do not expect the school to deal with the behavior. This mother didn’t seem to care. She doesn’t have time to teach her child how to act but she has time to do all these tv interviews? And from listening to her interviews she is acting has if her child did absolutely nothing wrong. This school called the mother and told her to come get her child and for whatever reason the mother didn’t come so what else was the school to do? Maybe they should take her daughter away from her of she can not handle her own child.

I know that Raven has 2 little boys in her class that are constantly disrupting the classroom and the teacher has to stop everything she is doing to try to deal with the 2 boys. That means my daughter and everyone else in her classroom is pretty much being punished just cause the got stuck in the same class with these disruptive children. It seems that more and more kids are acting this way now a days and I think it’s cause a lot of the parents just don’t care. They don’t have time or are too lazy to take responsibility for their own children. The schools shouldn’t be the ones raising the children. It should be their parents and they should step up to the plate and act like (dare I say it) PARENTS!

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