Been really busy lately trying to get SPIRIT (Society for Paranormal Investigation Research and Informational Training) out and knowing. Get some members. And I have started a message board for it but he doesn’t really matter when I’m the only member right now. God!

A little background on SPIRIT : I am the owner and lead investigator of SPIRIT (Society for Paranormal Investigation, Research and Informational Training). SPIRIT was founded a couple of years ago by a man named Isaac Merkle when he owned SPIRIT I was a Chapter Leader. In the fall of 2004 Isaac decided he didn’t have the time to continue on with SPIRIT so, with his permission, I took over. I am still getting things in order. And need to get some members so I can get an investigation under way. There was so many members of SPIRIT from all over the USA when Isaac owned it and then he took it offline for months and I finally contacted him asking what was going on and that’s when I got permission to take over for him but none of the old members came back! What bullshit! This is what I have been waiting for! I haven’t been studying the paranormal (with my main background being ghosts) for 16 years (since I was 9) reading everything I could get a hold of for nothing! angry
On another note, Mike’s cousin Ben is getting married on June 18. And we got the invitation in the other day. Ben lives in PA so we will have to get a hotel room. I think we are going to leave Friday morning and then come home Sunday. Raven is just going to stay with my mom that weekend. I will post more info about it later.

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