Damn Gas Company

Nothing really exciting going on. Friday the gas company came over. Our neighbors and us share a gas line and the gas company said that’s not allowed anymore so we have to have someone who is certified to install gas pipes to come in and do it. They said the homeowners are not allowed to do it anymore. So we have to find and pay out of our own pockets someone to come in and install the gas pipes in ten days or they will shut off our gas. I don’t see why we are getting punished cause they gas company decided two different houses can’t share a main gas line. They are the ones who put it in to begin with! angry

Nan’s (my grandmother) had her 80th birthday party yesterday. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Mike is probably going to be gone for this weekend. He is going to meet some of his buddies at Burnsville for some catfishing.

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