F*ck Off!

This is what my step brother comment on about my last entry. He’s a teenager in high school so he thinks he knows it all.

“hey amanda, its alex,
just a suggestion about ur pc shutting down, use stinger, if u dont know what that is, pm me on katmasters, laso have u watched Nosferatu?, oh and another thing, and this is a suggestion too, but y dont u or mike get a job(out of the house) to bring in more cash? ”

First off, it’s not a virus and Mike knows a hell of alot about computers and has fixed the problem. Yes I have watched Nosferatu, the original and the remakes. And Mike has looked for a part time job before and he works damn hard on all our businesses and our money situation would be just find if everything didn’t keep breaking. Me and Mike has both worked out of the home and we are making more money working at home then when we work outside the home. And you try running 3 real businesses that are more then full time and have an 8 year old daughter that has many events going on that you have to make time for and then you tell me if you have time for an out of the home job. When me and mike are on KatMasters we are always multi tasking. We don’t have time to just stay on there surfing and having fun. We are constantly putting auctions on ebay, adding new products to our business, and mike is constantly working on his site (KatMasters.com) “out of pocket and free of charge for it’s members”. It costs money to run a site especially when you have this many people visiting this site. It eats up bandwidth. And the sponsors pay Mike shit. So before you suggest for us to work out of the home, like we just sit on our butts doing nothing, get the facts.

I am so god damn tired of having to defend me and mike just cause we work at home. People act like we are lazy. You don’t know how fucking hard it is to run one home business let alone 3! It’s a never ending job, you don’t get off at a certain time and if something happens you have to deal with it cause you can’t pass it off on a manager cause you are him, the boss and the employees. I’m just plain tired of it so I’m going to end this enty with a word to the wise. Until I ask you to give me money SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! tongue

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