Well, Mike will be coming home sometime today. He went to Burnsville for a fishing trip with some of the KatMasters.com members. I hope he got a nice size catfish.

We went ahead and reserved the hotel for Mike’s cousin’s ,Ben, Wedding. Last time we went and visited them in Carlisle Pennsylvania it was in 2003 and we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Carlisle. Across the road from the hotel we was staying in was a really nice Holiday Inn (we have had really good experiences with Holiday Inns) and wished we would have booked that hotel. Well, that’s the hotel we are staying in for this trip. It looks like a lodge or some sorta cabin on the outside.

Raven isn’t coming with us. She is going to stay the weekend with my mom and Nan. She is really looking forward to it. We are going to leave the morning of Friday June 17, the wedding is Saturday June 18 and come home sometime Sunday June 19. Mike is really excited about going out there and seeing his cousin Steven.

I am trying to find something to wear to the wedding. I don’t really have any nice clothing. I have what I call my funeral/wedding suit which I really like but I don’t want to wear it. So I have been looking for a nice girly dress, preferably black and pink. I am really starting to love pink know. I found this dress on ebay that I really like:

It ends in like 3 days so I am going to have Mike take me shopping Monday and look to see if I can find anything around here I like and if not then I will just get this dress. I also need to buy shoes!

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