Why can’t I have a semi – normal mother?

Monday we got some news that we might be able to move (not going into details right now about for personal reasons). I was so happy that we might be able to move away from this shit neighborhood and get a nice house. Well I called my mom up last night to tell her of course she isn’t happy about it cause she doesn’t want me to have it better then her. I thought parents always wanted better for their children then what they had. I know I want Raven to have it 100 times better then I did. Anyway, she gets on this kick of, well Ill just post the conversation.

Mom: I want Raven and London if “god forbid” something happen to you and Mike.

Me: Mom, that’s something me and Mike has to discuss. Now, I know you would take good care of her but there are other things to consider like financial things. We want Raven to have the opportunity to go to a good college. And you wouldn’t be able to provide that.

Mom: (saying it as snotty as she can) So your saying Martin and Julia are getting to get her.

Me: No mom. But I’m sure that Karen (mike’s mom) would want her too and Donielle (Mike’s sister) might even want her and yes I think that My dad and Julia might want her also.

Mom: Well, has anyone ask?

Me: No mom but normal people don’t go around saying “I want your kid when you die”.

She then changed the conversation

Mom: I need you to right on a piece of paper that if something happens to Raven that I have the authority to give ok her medical treatment.

Me: I’m getting off of here, bye.

And I hung up the phone. What the hell is she going to be doing with my daughter that might cause her to get hurt? There are 2 major rules that my mom and Karen have to follow with Raven. 1. She is not allowed outside by herself 2. She can not go anywhere with them in a car unless me and Mike are there.
So I am going to call mom tonight and tell her that I just won’t go to the wedding if she is going to start all that shit.

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