Here’s Johnny!

Sorry I have been away for awhile but Blogger decided to be a pain in the ass and stop publishing my posts. I emailed blogger but never got a response. I heard some other people where having problems with blogger too so I just decided it was time for me to give wordpress a shot and I am glad I did. It took me 3 or 4 days of messing with it to get the hang of it but I think I got it now. WordPress is so much better. There is so much I can do with it. I have even added a plug in on my blog to show my Netflix Queue. So give me a few more days up to a week and everything should be up and running. I have changed the layout of my site. It’s Jack Gylennhall (sp?). He is such a great actor and amazingly hot that I can over look his politic views. Right now I am working on skinning this site so my visitors will be able to change the look of my blog.

Since I have been away for 23 days I will update you on something’s:
– Raven is out of school for the summer but she will be starting Project Isaac on July 5 through the last week of July.
– Went to PA last weekend for Mike’s cousin Ben’s wedding. It was very nice. The bride was beautiful and Ben incorporated some Superman things into the wedding which I thought was so cool (he loves Superman).
– Nothing more from the guy who might want to buy our house. I will get into details later.
– Mike is going down to the James River in Virginia tomorrow to fish for Blue Catfish. He will be back sometime Sunday.

Well that’s about it for right now.

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