Can’t Think of a Title

Raven is really enjoying Project Isaac. They are going to be making a time capsule, 3-D dinosaur, fossils, a purse and much more.

Mike is going to be going fishing with some guys from KatMasters.com this Saturday in Virginia just for the day/night. He is going to leave Saturday morning and will be home on Sunday.

We got our little “pond” put in the ground the other day. Raven put the tadpoles and snails that she got from my Dad’s house in there. We are going to Walmart today so I am going to see home much a pump/filter will cost for it.

I was going to write my post today about the little girl (Shasta) they just found. That was abducted and molested repeatedly by this repeat sexual offender out on bail but I just don’t feel like it. I have ranted and raved and have wrote letters to congress, senate, even the white house but nothing is changing. We are handing this monsters our children on a silver platter and we can not do a thing about it. These sick fucks need to be taken out and shot. They are stealing our children’s innocence and then taking their lives. But because of their “rights” we can not know if one is living right by us or home many are working in our schools. We can not have signs saying that a sexual offender lives here. We can not do crap about it. Things need to change, NOW! We need to stop putting criminals rights before the victims. Criminals (especially violent crimes against children criminals) should have no rights at all! Stop expecting that they will check with the sexual offenders registry to make sure they have all their updated info. They don’t want to be kept track off so why would they inform the police that they have moved? If we can put a electronic ankle bracelet on Martha Stewart then we can place one on every sexual offender. But no. Martha Stewart is more of a threat then these repeat sex offenders (there was more then a hint of sarcasms in that last statement).
So please Parents. Don’t just sit by and be silent. Rant and Rave until our children our protect and they stop protecting these sex offenders.

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