Still Can’t Think of a Title

Tomorrow Mike is leaving for his fishing trip to Virginia. He will be gone Saturday night and be home Sunday.

Tomorrow I am putting some auctions on Ebay so hopefully I can make some money for Christmas. I want to get Mike XBox 360 but I don’t want him to know that I want to get it for him for Christmas. The new XBox runs around $300 – $350 plus I will have to buy him some games to go along with it and they run around $50 each. Raven is all ready thinking about what she wants for Christmas. She is starting to make a list. So far she has wrote down the new gameboy, a boy bunnybee (santa got her the girl bunnybee last year) and some more Littlest Pet Shop things. She just bought two more animals for her Littlest Pet Shop yesterday at Walmart.

Last night I made No Bake Cookies for Mike to take with him on his trip for him and the other guys. Whenever he goes fishing with his friends I try to bake something for them all.

London is just so darn skinny and we can’t figure out why. He doesn’t have any sickness, or worms or diseases and we keep his food bowl filled up for him all the time so he can eat when he wants and we have bought him Purina Dog food from the very beginning. So we thought maybe he just doesn’t like the Purina Dog Food. I mean to look at it, it doesn’t look very pleasing compared to some of the other dog foods. But Purina is suppose to be a good brand of dog food. And the vet said that it was. But me and Mike don’t think he likes it anymore. So yesterday at Walmart we bought him a little bag of Kibbles and Bits for him to try out. He seemed to really like it. We will just have to wait and see if he eats it more then he did with his old dog food.

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