Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Stupid

The other day I was down at my Mom and Nan’s house and one of my aunts (we will call her Sally) was there with one of the girls that is stuck up her ass. We will call this girl Jackie. Well Jackie was showing Sally a magazine that apparently had pictures of celebrities without their make-up. Well Aunt Sally says to me. “Don’t you wish you had one of these big shot make up people so maybe you could be pretty”. Everyone laughs. Except me. I felt like shit. I have never done anything to these people to even warrant a statement like that. But none the less, there it was. I had my mom take me and Raven home and I waited there feeling like shit until it was time to go to sleep, hoping that I wouldn’t wake up the next morning. These are my family members and they are saying this stuff to me. I guess I should be use to it. Some members of my family have always said stuff like that to me. Even when my Dad left my mom, my mom told me it was my fault cause I wasn’t good enough for him. That he left cause he wanted a better child. So you would think that after dealing with this crap for about 18 years (since I got out of my “cute” stage) that I would be use to it. Well I’m not. It still hurts like hell. And poor Mike was trying to make me feel better. Telling me that it doesn’t matter what those idiots think. That he thinks I’m beautiful (I know it’s a lie but it’s nice to hear anyway). I just want to move away from these people. My mom and Nan and Aunt “Sally” think that “Jackie” and “Suzie” (another girl that aunt sally has stuck up her butt) are just the greatest people in the world. They don’t take care of their kids and are trouble makers and to hear my family talk these 2 girls are sweet little angels and I’m just someone to be there if they need something. I really think my family would be happier with me if I wouldn’t take care of Raven, Mike would divorce me, I would get arrested and just act like I was still a teenager. Then maybe I would fit in with them.

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