Nothing Really.

I think this weekend me and Mike are going to go fishing at Tygart Lake. He always wants to go fishing and I have yet to go out this year so we are going to have Raven stay the night with my mom Saturday night and go fishing that night. But we are suppose to have thunderstorms all this weekend so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I went on homesandland.com a week ago and I ordered a free homes and land magazine from the Atlanta Georgia area. If that guy does want to buy our house we just might move out of West Virginia. Me and Mike have all ready talked about it. We wouldn’t move any higher up north then where we live now. We like the more southern states for our home. Down south they seem to have more of the same values then up north. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love New York City and would love to live there but only for about 3 months. Then I would just get tired of all the people. I am really not a people person cause most people are so damn rude. Anyway I am waiting for the homes and land magazine to come in.

Has anyone seen Terri Schiavo’s grave marker? Her husband is a real jackass! The last line engraved on the marker states “I KEPT MY PROMISE.” Michael Schiavo is a complete ass and he will get his in the end.

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