Pain In The Arse

Saturday night when me and Mike went fishing we didn’t catch anything at all, didn’t even have a bit. But Sunday morning when I woke up I went to clean my glasses like I usually do and all these scratches started to appear on my lens. Turns out it’s some coated that is on the lens that is coming off and there is no way to fix it. It’s pretty much like a hazy fog all over my lens and it makes it very difficult to see correctly. So yesterday I went to Sterling Optical and got an eye examine so I can get new glasses. It costs $459 for everything including the doctor visit and will take 5 to 7 days for them to be ready. And my MIL wanted us to pay her car insurance for her and we can’t right now especially with just having to pay for my glasses. So after all the crap with my glasses, me Mike and Raven go down to the food court at the mall to get some lunch and MIL shows up. And she asks about my glasses and I tell her what happens and then she starts “Yeah that’s what my glasses are doing.” No they are not! There is not a damn thing wrong with her glasses but if it’s happening to anyone else but her then she has to belittle it and make it seem like it’s no big deal. And then Mike starts talking about what the doctor had told me and MIL butts in about a brochure she got at the cell phone place. Cause this brochure is more important then what the doctor had to say. It really pisses me off. MIL is the type of person that everything has to be about her and only her. Nothing can be about anyone else. Like if Mike says Raven does something like I do. MIL butts in saying “Raven does it like me too.” And if someone says Raven looks like me when I was little, MIL says “Raven looks like Donielle (Mike’s sister)”. Raven doesn’t look anything like Donielle. I’m not saying it’s a good thing that Raven looks like me (cause it’s not) but she does. It’s just MIL has to have it all about her. If the world doesn’t revolve around her then it just doesn’t revolve.

Any way back to my glasses. I just want to hurry up and get them in so I can get use to them and everything can go back to normal. It will take a couple of weeks for me to get use to the new prescription and frames. I wish I could get disposable contact but since my prescription is so bad it will cost $250 for a pair of contacts that last a year cause they don’t make disposable contacts in my prescription. 🙁

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