Everything Breaks

Well, today I go back to the eye doctor cause things are still blurry. I get better vision with my old pair of glasses. I have had glasses since I was in the 3rd grade and have never had a problem with them screwing up my prescription. Oh well. Hopefully they can get it right this time.

My Aunt Jo came home from the hospital Saturday night and my cousin DJ came out of his operation fine. They are both staying with Uncle George that poor man has to take care of both of them. So while I am at the mall today I am going to pick up 3 cards to send them. So thanks to everyone that prayed for them.

I think me and Mike might go fishing this weekend. And I also need to go to Clarksburg to take some pictures cause the Greater Clarksburg Visitor Bureau is having a photo contest and I want to enter if I can get a half way decent photo taken.

Yesterday morning our refrigerator stopped working. It is a Whirlpool Gold fridge that cost us almost $2,000 and isn’t even 2 years old yet. So the repair came this morning and said that there is nothing that he can do we have to call Whirlpool. I swear everything in this house breaks. I don’t know what it is but everything messes up in this house.

Speaking of these breaking, our monitor crapped out on us Monday night. So Mike went upstairs and got the old shitty monitor from our last computer and then called the HP company since the computer is under warranty until 2007 and we are suppose to get the new monitor within 10 days.

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