Six Feet Under : Warning Spoilers

I just watched the newest episode of Six Feet Under. I can not believe Nate is dead! 🙁 He told Brenda it was over which I am glad cause I never liked her. She was all holier then thou just cause she was told she was a genius at the age of 6 and I never thought they should of been together but now Nate is dead 🙁 He was my favorite character from that show. Can’t wait until next Sunday for the next episode.

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher Jr.
1965 – 2005

The only thing I have really had a problem with Six Feet Under is that they are very left sided. And since I am to the right of the political scale it does get annoying to hear them put down republicans all the time. But it’s a really good show so I can over look that. In today’s society you pretty much have to if you want to enjoy any movies, music or television cause must of Hollywood seems like nothing but liberals.

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