Guess What We Found!?

I forget to tell you all that the other day we found a 3 toed box turtle on the side of the road down from our house. It almost got hit by a couple of cars so Mike stopped our car and I ran out and got it. Raven is loving it. London is getting pretty fond of it too. At first London tried to pick it up with his mouth but after he got in trouble for trying to do that he just sniffs it now. Here are some pictures of the turtle and London.

I have contacted some turtle rescue groups to ask them there advice on where would be the best place to let him go at. I have had some box turtles when I was younger but we would always let them go free after a couple of days. Raven of course wants to keep him (she named him Flash) but I told her that we don’t want to take the chance of killing him. And anyway, he would be so much happier out in the wild. She understands. I would like to get her a couple of those little painted turtles. I had one about 10 years ago. Bought him at a pet shop for a couple of dollars. I think she would have fun with it.

Thanks to my Dad and step mom, we will be getting 6 new windows! They are going to come out Tuesday at 3 pm to measure them. I can not wait!

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