Don’t Pass Me By

I think I got the problem with my site fixed, hopefully. Mike started his part time job at Toys R Us. He is working in the electronic section which he is happy about. Hopefully he has a good first day. I mess him all ready!

Well, my new glasses are still messed up. I can see better out of my old pair then with the new ones. So I called Sterling Optical and talk to someone there and had it out with her. Now they are saying that it might be the material that the lenses are made and that my eyes might not ever get use to them. So I am suppose to bring them back in so they can see what type of material is in my new lenses and my old lenses. And get my eyes rechecked by the doctor. Come on people! This will be the 3rd time he has examined my eyes in a month if he couldn’t get my prescription right the first time then more then likely he anit gonna be able to get it right this time. And I can not get a refund or even store credit. They can continue to string me along for a year and then I am screwed. So I have a $470 piece of crap glasses that I can not use. Looks like we are just gonna have to eat the lose.

Our monitor still hadn’t come in yet and it has been way over 10 days so I called up the company and talked to them. Come to find out that they forgot to put the order in! So we have to wait another 10 days for the monitor to arrive. If they remember to order and ship it out.

The guy from Window World came today to measure the windows. We are getting 6 windows put in. The 2 in the living room, 2 in the downstairs bedroom. 1 in our bedroom upstairs and 1 in Raven’s room upstairs. It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for the windows to come in. I can not wait! I just released how pathetic that sounded. I can’t wait to get new windows? Boy am I getting old 🙂

The other day we released Flash in the pond where we go to catch bait. We always see turtles there so we thought that would be a nice place to let him go at. It’s pretty far from any main road so he shouldn’t get hit by any cars. He seemed to like it. I took some pictures.

Letting Flash go

Flash in the pond

Raven fishing and smiling

Mike looking at the pond

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