Needing Parents?

Last night my mom called just to see how everyone was. While we were shooting the shit she said that me and mike remind her of my Aunt Jo and Uncle George. I asked her why and she said that all Aunt Jo and Uncle George need are each other and their kids and that’s how we are. We just need the 4 of us (me, mike, raven and london). I took that as a big compliment. I don’t know how Aunt Jo and Uncle George are behind closed doors but they seem very happy and still in love with each other. I asked her who else we would need and she said that she would hope her. The truth is I don’t think I need her. At least I hope not. I don’t want Raven to need me when she gets older cause I want her to be independent and able to stand on her own too feet but I want her to WANT me around. And most of the time I think that my mom just wants me around cause of Raven but that’s a separate story for another day.

Anywho, Karen brought Raven over some crafts to make potholders so that’s what Raven is doing right now. I don’t know where Karen got them from but Raven seems to be enjoying them even though she has gotten frustrated with it.

Raven making a potholder

It won’t be much longer before Raven starts 3rd grade. There first day, which is a half day, is on the 26th of August. So she has less then 2 weeks left. Her 3rd grade teacher is the same teacher that Mike had when he was in third grade. How you like that?

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