Designs, Business & Christmas

Well, I can honestly say that there is actually nothing for me to blog about today. I have 4 ebay auctions ending today with no bids 🙁 I am thinking about converting my domain (www.4everlasting.com) to a store for me to sell lingerie. I don’t know if I will or not. That would mean another business to add on to the 3 others we all ready have. Gives me something to think about. I need to make some money for Christmas, there is all kinds of things I want to get but I don’t want to use “our” money for Mike’s Christmas gifts. And I want to get my mom a tv with a vcr/dvd combo for her bedroom. That way she can watch tv in there without bothering my Nan. I think she would really like that.

I am working on some designs again. I don’t have them up yet but I will soon. Maybe I will try to sell some premade designs for like $10 each. Gives me something else to think about.

I think it is going to be time for a layout change soon.

Well look at that, I did find somethings to blog about.

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