Hurricane Katrina, Racism & Al Sharpton

I am so sorry for everyone effected by Hurricane Katrina and you all will be in my prayers. But people please stop saying the reason why help was very slow to get to you all is cause of race. Al Sharpton you are an idiot, along side of Jesse Jackson you two have breed more hate and more racism then the KKK. Now before you all go ape shit on me saying I’m racist please hear me out. Anyone with half a brain knows not the listen to the KKK’s ramblings cause we all know they are crazy ass people that need to be locked away in a rubber room. We know to just ignore them cause the KKK are the lowest of our society (right above child molesters). But with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson they are considered respected members of our country. Some people listen to what they say. No matter how wrong they are people still believe their racist fueled comments. It doesn’t matter what happened they will bring race up as an issue even if it never was. They help fuel the hate. Last night on MSNBC I was listening to Al Sharpton talk about how it was the Bush Administration’s fault that help is just know getting there and he said if it was white people in need of help then the Bush Administration would of helped sooner. I don’t know what Hurricane he has been watching but I have seen plenty of white people mixed right along with the black people. So stop playing the racist card and start trying to help all these Americans that have lost everything.

Now I am not saying that the Bush Administration is innocence in all of this cause they are partly to blame and they know it. The relief should of gotten their much sooner but the city of New Orleans is partly to blame too. So don’t point all your fingers at our commander and chief. And I find it very hypocritical that the Mayor of New Orleans (who is black I may add) was bitching about the Bush Administrations not wanting to help the poor black folk but then the mayor orders to have guarded buses go to a certain hotel and have them pick up the tourist and evacuate them out of the state, before the poor black folk. Those tourist did not have to wait in lines or out in the hot sun like the actually residents of New Orleans have too. So people please stop making crazy accusations and start helping these human beings that have lost everything and have to start a new life.

Society Sucks Reason #3: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Need I say more.

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    September 3, 2005 at 7:01 pm

    Oh my goodness….fighting about race is so horrible. I don’t think people will ever be able to recognize their own species…

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