Last night I put a rubber band around the little sprayer at the sink and positioned it so it would soak Mike when he turned on the water. Well needless to say, it worked and I was informed that paybacks are hell (like I didn’t know that before). God knows what the cheeky monkey is going to do. More then likely he will forget about getting me back. Mike doesn’t seem to have a good memory. Which I can use to my advantage. 🙂

We find at least 1 big black cricket crawling around our house every night. Spooky is loving them. He likes the big black ones better then the little brown ones we buy for him to eat at the pet store.

Society Sucks Reason #4: Paris Hilton
Any society wherein a hoe bag like Paris Hilton can be famous without looks, without class and without talent (unless you call her mindless dribble “That’s Hot” talent) should be destroyed on the spot. What kind of world do we live in?

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