No Rants Today

I really have nothing to write about today. Nothing to bitch and/or rant about. Humm. My sinuses are acting up today and I have a really bad headache. But that’s about it.

Friday me and Raven are going to spend the day at the mall. They don’t have school Friday. Mike works from 10 – 5 that day so he is just going to drop us off before work and pick us up. So we are going to be there for 7 hours! We are going to go see Wallace & Grommit : Curse of the Were Rabbit and maybe Corpses Bride if we have time.

I am also going to go ahead and preorder an XBox 360 for Mike for Christmas at EB Games. And maybe look around for some other Christmas presents for people and just spend the day with my daughter shopping and having fun.

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