Sleeping Around

One thing that really pisses me off is women who have sex will different men in the same time frame (like within the same month) and claim one of them as the father and the guy steps up to the plate and takes care of what he thinks is his child and then come to find out he really isn’t the father of the baby. I think the women should have to pay back all the child support. By law (as I understand it), the women only has to pay it back if the man can prove that she purposely lied to him, pretty much fraud. And most men never do get their money back cause being mistaken is not considered fraud. I think in the cause of paternity, it should be considered fraud cause who knows better then the women how many sexual partners she has had and if she has slept with more then one man within the same time frame then she knows that it could possibly be one or another. But if you watch the Maury Show, you will see that most of these women do not seem to know that. Today I was watching it and this young girl had brought on 10 men (on 9 episodes) to have a DNA test to find out which on is the father of her child. And after each one she said “I’m 100% sure he is the father cause there was no one else I slept with.” Did this women have a lapse of memory? She said that 10 times! What is wrong with people now-a-days?! Having sex with 10 different men with in a couple of weeks! My God. People need to let their brains start doing the thinking instead of their raging hormones. Now, I am not trying to say that I am better then anyone else. Hell, I got pregnant when I was 16. But at least there was no doubt in my mind that the Cheeky Monkey was the father cause he is the only person I have ever had sex with! The ONLY ONE! I will admit, I did do other things with other guys before the Cheeky Monkey but I never had intercourse with anyone but my husband and I am glad I did. Why do people find it necessary to sleep around? I do not understand it. Are they trying to fill a void (not literally, get your mind out of the gutter :))? I know my cousin (who is also one of mine & the cheeky monkey’s best friends) has slept around quit a bit (at least from what he says) and it has caused him nothing but trouble but he hasn’t seem to have learned his lesson. And it really don’t think he ever will.

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    October 10, 2005 at 6:33 pm

    or those girls who marry a dude, sleep with his, have his kid, and when he stops giving her what she wants she fucks another dude and does it all over again! *cough*myexsisterinlaw*cough*

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    October 10, 2005 at 9:26 pm

    I’m waiting until marriage for all that sex stuff only because I don’t feel comfortable giving my virginity to a guy I know there’s a possibility I might break up with…if that guy’s my husband, that’s totally different. I know what you mean! Why do people only think about sex in a relationship and what type of long term relationships will you ever be able to get if you have sex with different guys all the time?

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