Animals & Their Idiot Owners

To the idiots in Spelter, West Virginia that let their animals run wild around town and get into my garbage and spew it all around my yard. You better get down on your knees and pray I never find out who you are. Because of your negligence, this is the second day in the row that I have had to go pick up garbage in the rain and I will probably get pneumonia and be in the hospital for weeks because YOUR animals have ripped the bags wide open. If I really wanted all that garbage laying around my yard I wouldn’t put in bags in the first place. If I ever do find out who you are, I will bring the garbage over and dump it onto your front porch. I would never think about shooting an animal but I sure in hell wouldn’t think twice about shooting the owners. I use to put the garbage bags behind the back porch but cause of your animals I had to move them ONTO the back porch. But now they are getting to it there. Where the hell am I suppose to put it now?! I know where I would like to put it (up your ass).

It’s really not that hard to keep your animals on your property or in your house. Really it isn’t. I have a wonderful dog and I keep him in MY yard and in MY house. And if you can not handle that then maybe you shouldn’t have pets.

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    October 11, 2005 at 12:39 pm

    If you see a dog or other animal getting into your garbage, try to catch it and see if he has a collar. If he does…you now have the owner’s address! Hehe, have fun 🙂

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