Rude People at the Movies

Friday, when me and Raven where at the movies to see Wallace and Gromit : Cruse of the Were Rabbit the theater was packed full. Not only was it the opening day for Wallace and Gromit but it was also the first showing and there seemed to be only a few empty sets left. Now of course this is a children’s movie so most of the audience was children and there was the expected childhood noises going on during the movie. But unfortunately the children had to bring their parents and that’s where all the problems resided. Raven and I pretty much where sitting smack dab in the middle of the cinema. The women sitting beside me had children that seemed younger then Raven (she is 8 years old) and their children where sitting ,by themselves I might add, in the front row. Now, these women could trust their children to sit, at least 10 rows ahead of them, in this very dark theater where you couldn’t see 2 steps in front of you, but they could not trust them with the care of their drinks. That’s where one of the problems started. Every 10 minutes their kids came up to get a drink and every time they asked their parents if they could take the drink back with them. Of course it was a resounding NO and the Moms had to talk about it to the other moms after each encounter with their child. Not only that but through most of the movie the Mothers talked about getting a new car, if the others would think getting her hair cut short would be cute, Global Warning (rolls eyes) and other chatty nonsense that continued through the whole movie. Then there was the parent in the row behind us that didn’t see a problem with their child going crazy be constantly kicking the back of our sits. Luckily for us, the child’s friend (or sibling I really don’t know) told the kid to stop doing it. This youngster who could not of been over the age of 13 had the hindsight that kicking the back of someones chair was rude and impolite, something that the over 30 parent didn’t seem to understand. But the straw that broke that poor camels back happened to Raven. The guys sitting beside her (actually their was an empty set beside her, I made sure of that by putting our bags on that set, but I digress) kept talking on his cell phone. Now before the movie started right after the dancing popcorn singing “go to the Concession Stand” the screen displayed, in big bold letters, “PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES AND PAGERS“. And right after that the screen showed a little girl standing there with her one finger up to her mouth in the “shhhhh” pose with those big bold letters that read “THANK YOU FOR NOT TALKING“. But those adults must not of seen that or they can not read. Cause they’re Adults, and they would know better then to be rude and impolite, right? Well, you would hope so but you’d be wrong. Some adults think the world starts and stops for them and that yakking about their new hair do is more important then showing some common curiosity. I mean it’s not like they will never get to yak about it but at least wait until after the movie is over. Common! We have to live in and share this world with each other so we might has well make the best of it and be nice and polite to each other. I will be the first one to admit that I have pissed off more people then I have befriended but the type of people that I have pissed off I wouldn’t want to be friends with (I didn’t lose you there did I). Anywho, back to the whole theater story. After about the 7th time that guy picked up his cell phone Raven said, in a pretty loud voice, “Didn’t they say to turn off all cell phones and pagers?” I don’t think that guy picked his phone up again during the rest of the movie. Poor thing is turning out like her mother everyday.

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