Finding Lost Friends

For the past week I have been searching on the internet for a girl that use to be my best friend. Before my mom and I moved back to West Virginia in 1995, Heather (that’s her name) was my best friend for years. When we moved from Ohio to West Virginia (the state I was born and raised in and have lived here all my life except for the 6 years I spent in Ohio) we kept in contact for about a year and then life gets in the way, as it as a tendency to do, and there was less letters and less frequent phone calls. And then they just stopped all together. For the past 4 or 5 years I have thought about Heather. Wondering what has become of here over these past 10 years. If she has kids, did she grow up to be a nurse like she wanted to, if she still acts the same crazy way, you know just the normal pondering. I also wonder if she is curious about me. Heather was the last real best friend I had (except for my husband). It seems as you get older you don’t have those same great friendships you had as a child.

Well, all my searching has not been in vane. I think I might have found her address. I just wish I would of gotten off my lazy fat ass and searched sooner. So, I’m going to write her a letter today and probably mail it out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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    October 14, 2005 at 4:11 pm

    good luck i hope you find her! It’s always nice to reconnect with people you haven’t heard from in ages.

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