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The Cheeky Monkey and I’s relationship is pretty strong (at least we think so). We have been together for 10 years without any major problems (thank the good Lord). In the past 10 years of course we have had arguments and fights but nothing serious and nothing that lasted more then being a little hot under the collar for about an hour. God willing our relationship will stay that way. I know I am extremely happy and I think the Cheeky Monkey is too. He is my best friend and I his. We goof off a lot and give each other a hard time (just joking and having fun) and some people have said comments about the way we act, saying we should act like adults and grow up. The cheeky monkey and I are more mature and responsible then most young people our ages. We know when to act our age and when not to. When we are alone in our home watching tv we can act like kids and goof off with each other. There is nothing wrong with that. Here is an example:

Last night the cheeky monkey and I were watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel and I was eating Doritos which left nacho cheese residue on my finger tip. During a commercial I proceeded to try to smear the cheese residue on the cheeky monkey’s face, particularly the tip of his nose. He was laughing and fighting back (tickling me would be your best defense since I am extremely ticklish and he knows this) I was laughing. We were just goofing off and having fun, a typical night at our house. Nothing at all wrong with that. But some people seem to think that we have to just sit beside each other, not joking not laughing, not being happy. Well I hate to say (actually I love to say) we are not like that. Mike and I will probably always act like this (at least I hope so). We love to laugh and be happy and I don’t understand why some people seem to think there’s something wrong with that. Mike is extremely silly, and that’s one of the many things I love about him. I think that once the fun and happiness stops in your marriage then it all goes down hill from there. If you act like an adult all the time you’re never going to have fun. There are times to be serious and act mature and other times to let it all out and have some fun. I still color in coloring books and watch cartoons (I absolutely love Disney) and believe in things that go bump in the night and I hope and pray I always will. We have a great marriage, a great family, and a very happy and healthy daughter. We must be doing something right!

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    October 19, 2005 at 9:25 pm

    Oh wow thats awesome that you still have a wonderful relationship after so long any more that is a rare thing! I I hate when people tell other people to “grow up” because they are joking and stuff alot of times my boyfriend and i get funky looks and comments about things we say but isnt that the point of an inside joke lol he knows what i mean so whatever… do whatever makes yohappy and who wants to be grown up all the time any way lol somtimes its fun to stop being so grown up for a second!!!

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    October 20, 2005 at 3:16 pm

    It’s so good that you and Mike have such a fresh relationship! I only pray that if and when I marry, me and my husbands relationship will stay as new and fun as yours!

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