Take Care of Your Pets

Well, I have seen the cat that has been getting in our garbage and I would love to hunt down the person that is responsible for this animal and beat them upside their fucking head. This poor cat is so very malnourished. It’s ribs and hip bones are clearly visible and the worst part is this poor animal seems to be wanting nothing more then a loving home. I would love to open my home to this poor creature but when it comes to animals, London comes first. I don’t know if this cat has any type of diseases and I do not want to take the chance of infecting London. I do fill so very sorry for it so last night a took some pepperoni rolls and a bowl of warm milk and set it out on the back porch. I know, I know once you feed it, it will never leave. But this cat has been running around here for about a month now and I just can not knowingly let it starve. But somewhere someone is responsible for this cat. I absolutely hate people who want a pet so bad and then when the “new” wears off they don’t want it anymore and let it run loose annoying the neighborhood and starving to death or getting hit by a vehicle. People like that should not be allowed to have animals.

I really have to give props (look at me sounding so hip and trendy 🙂 ) to my mom and dad. When I was younger I had all kinds of animals and I had to take care of every single one. Yes, they would help me but I was the one responsible for my pets. And they told me from the get go that once the animal got out of the cute baby stage that I still had to take care of it and that I would not “throw” it out for a new one. It taught me a lot of responsibility and to this day I take excellent care of all of my pets.

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    October 27, 2005 at 9:24 pm

    You should try and catch the cat and take it to the vet and just say ‘Look, I’m not going to pay for any medication or anything this cat needs, but I don’t want to see him all sickly.’ Then probobly the vet’ll take the cat, fix him up, and try to find someone to take him to his new home…that’s where you come in, lol.

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