Snowing? It’s Not Even Halloween Yet!

Well, the other day Heather (the long lost friend I tried to find and mailed her a letter) emailed me. We have been talking through Yahoo Messenger. I am so happy to finally be in contact with her again. It’s great! She was the last close female friend I had. It would be nice if she lived closer to me so we could get together and hang out like we use to.

Well, Monday night it started snowing like crazy and we got about 2 inches. Tree limbs where breaking, power, cable & phone lines where going down and schools where closing. We hadn’t even had our first good frost of the year yet. Our flowers still had blooms on them! Trees still had their leaves and the branches couldn’t handle the extra weight of the snow so they just snapped and blocked roads and driveways. There are still over 47,000 people in Harrison County (and other surrounding counties) without power. My mom, Nan, Aunt Lois, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Janie and Uncle Boone are some of the people without power. Originally the power company said the power would be back on by Friday (today) now they are saying it won’t be until Monday. They have been without power since Tuesday evening! Needless to say my Mom is not handling no TV very well. So I charged up the battery for our portable DVD player and took it down to her Wednesday with some DVDs to try to hold her over until the power comes back on.

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    October 28, 2005 at 5:09 pm

    I am so happy you got in contact with your long lost friend! Maybe you should make time for a little road trip and arrange for a meeting?

    SNOW? I absolutely love snow but we didn’t get any yet. But ONE FULL WEEK WITHOUT POWER? I’d be in an institution by the end of the week….either that or have converted to being Amish.

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