The Aftermath

Trick or Treating went good. We passed out almost all of our candy and that’s saying something cause I bought 7 bags of good candy (2 bags of Reese Cups, 1 bag of Kit Kats, 1 bag of Snickers, 1 bag of Milky Ways, 1 bag of Twixs and 1 bag of mixed Hershey bars) and 1 bag of suckers. Donielle (my sister in law) came over at about 5:40 to take Raven trick or treating. Raven came back just a little past the half hour mark of Trick or Treating (6:30) cause she said her side was hurting from walking to much. So she spent the rest of trick or treating passing out the candy. She wants to be the passer outer of the candy next Halloween. 🙂

I went a head and moved our mattress in the living room last night. So yes, we are sleeping in there for the winter. Last year some people, thinking that we actually give 2 shits about their opinions, had to make rude comments about us doing that. I tried to explain our reasoning behind it. It saves us money on heating bills which we then can use the extra money on Christmas and when you have a daughter that wants 5 Xbox games that cost around $40 a piece {that’s $200 for the mathematically impaired} not to mention a butt load of other things, extra money comes in handy. Not only that but we all 4 like it better. Raven thinks it’s so much fun sleeping on the couch. I really don’t know why but she loves it. But I do not need to explain myself. This is our house and we can do as we like. If you are a guest in my home you can flop down on the bed and watch some tv or play an xbox game. And if having a mattress in OUR living room bothers you that much then *pointing to door* there’s the door don’t let it hit ya where the good Lord spilt ya (I have always wanted to use that expression)!

Speaking of Raven and Christmas and spending way to much money. She wants a bald headed boy Cabbage Patch Kid Baby. And guess what is the hot new item that every other little girl wants and the only way you are going to be able to get it is if sell your soul to the devil or buy it from really evil people who sell it on Ebay for almost 3 times the original price? That’s right my good readers Raven has done it again this year. Picking out the hard to find item that she so desperately needs for Christmas. Last year it was the boy Cabbage Patch Kid Soccer Player. This year it’s the bald headed boy cabbage patch baby. Well, I bought one on Ebay. I thought I had better go ahead and get one now before the price goes any higher on these cute little pieces of plastic and fabric that smell so damn good. I had checked at all the local stores and on all the online stores without avail. So I turned to the place that I hate to love, Ebay. I bidded on 2 other cabbage patch babies before I finally won the one that is, as we speak, on it’s way from Massachusetts to what will be it’s new home. The Manufactures Suggested Retail price for these babies that where born in a Cabbage Patch is $19.99. I paid almost $50 including shipping. See what I mean about those evil Ebay sellers! But I am one of those stupid parents that gives them the reason to jack up the price. But it will all be worth it when she opens it up on Christmas morning and plays with it for a total of 4 hours and decides it wasn’t as great as she originally thought and then in the middle of 2006 I start bitching about how Santa wasted the elf’s time since she doesn’t play with it anymore and how Santa won’t make that mistake again and then the holiday season rolls around as it has a tendency to do every year and Raven wants the hot item again and I spend way past what it’s worth and then she only plays with it for a total of 4 hours and decides it wasn’t as great as she originally thought and then in the middle of 2007 I start bitching about . . . See it’s a vicious cycle!

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    November 1, 2005 at 9:33 am

    I think having your bed in the living room is cute…it’s like a family slumber party all winter long..hope I didn’t sound too girly-girl saying that. Haha. Plus if it saves you money….WHO CARES? It’s not hurting anything or anyone.

    Bald Headed Boy Cabbage Patch Kid is the new Tickle Me Elmo? It’s a good thing you ordered it and got it already….I remember the raids and riots over that fricken Tickle Me Elmo.

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