Shopping, Poppet and Christmas Lists

Look at me posting two entries in one day *pats self on back*. Tomorrow is the Cheeky Monkey’s only day off this week so we are going shopping! I have to go to Target and Walmart to scope out there holiday decorations cause I need to buy some more Christmas decorations. I just have to! We need more decorations. Cheeky Monkey thinks we have enough but he is just plain out wrong. You, well at least me, can’t have enough Christmas decorations.

The Cabbage Patch Kid Bald Headed Baby Boy that I bought on Ebay arrived today. Poppet had better like it, for the price I paid for it you would think it would shit gold coins. But alas it does nothing except sitting in the box smelling so damn good that it’s addictive.

Poppet started her Christmas List last night. You wouldn’t believe all the things on there *shaking head* and she’s not even done with it yet.

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