Owners of “Vicious” Dogs

What really gets my goat (no I don’t have a goat it’s an expression you silly goose) is people that have “vicious” dogs and can’t control them and they start mauling anyone around. These animals have to put down, I know this. But I think we should also put down their owners as well. Dogs, no matter what breed, are not born mean and vicious wanting to tear apart anyone that gets in their way. They are raised that way, taught that way. The people who own these dogs are the ones responsible for the actions of their dogs. They made them that way. Yet the animal gets the worst punishment. Now, like I said before, I understand why they have to put down. They can not be rehabilitated, the damage has all ready been done and I do not want a dog roaming around my neighbor that has all ready attacked someone. But there must be tougher punishments for the person or persons who caused the animal to be vicious in the first place. And more then likely these ignorant jackasses with get another dog, of course it will be a pit bull or rottweiler instead of a Chihuahua that you could just kick away if it attacked you, and do they will do the same thing to this one as they did to the first one. Basically turning it into a killer. And there really is nothing we can do about it. We can not stop them from owning animals. God do I wish we could. And I assume that some of these people have kids. If they can turn their dogs into uncontrollable assassins then how will their children turn out?

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    November 9, 2005 at 9:21 am

    I agree. Dogs turn out to act and be like whatever they were taught to act and be like, so if a dog is agressive it’s because he wasn’t trained very well or because he was abused. So who should get the most severe punishment? The owner. I wonder if someone should start an agressive dog rehabilitation center? Instead of putting the dog down if he’s attacked someone, you could send him to the rehabilitation center where he stays until he is under control. Would that even work? Sorry…my brain thinks of weird things, haha.

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