Pine Garland

Yesterday Mike and I did some Christmas shopping for Raven while she was in school. And I can happily say that I think that we are done with Raven’s Christmas. Except for a few little things to go in her stocking. I can not believe we got her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving! Anywho, while we were out I had Mike swing up up Target so I could look at their pine garland. Well, they had a plan 9ft pine garland with pine cones attached to it and the wanted (you might want to sit down for this) $19.99 !!! I couldn’t believe it! I put the garland back on the shelf and proclaimed to Mike and the poor strangers that had the misfortune of being at Target in the Christmas department at that exact time as us “That’s fucking bullshit! I’m not paying 20 bucks for crap that’s not worth more then 5 dollars!” We left Target with me on a mission to, by the grace of God, make my own pine pine cone garland for no more then $5.00. So when we arrived home I marched up stairs and grab the box of Christmas decorations not in use and brought them in the living room along with the pine cones I had collect and my hot glue gun and I got to work. It took me no more then 1/2 hour to glue the pine cones to the old pine garland that I had bought a couple of years back. And with that I had my own pine pine cones garland and it cost me nothing since I already had all the materials on hand. So take that Target! Now I don’t know if that makes me cheap or crafty. Humm, we’ll say crafty.

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