‘Tis the Season . . .

The Christmas tree has been up for about 2 weeks now and I know I should of posted this sooner but I guess it’s better late then never. Here’s our Christmas tree.

2005 Christmas Tree

Next year I would like to get a real tree ,balsam fur. Mike has never had a real Christmas tree before and neither has Raven. I am the fortunate one that has. Just once when I was little my Dad went out and bought a real Christmas tree and the first time I set under the tree and got poked by the needles my Dad told my mom never again would he get a real tree. Yep I was spoiled but I wasn’t a spoiled brat. My mom and Dad raised me better then that. Anywho, we have gotten most of the Christmas shopping done. Shopping for Raven is done, except for small things for her stocking but I think I already told y’all that. I still have to order gifts for Dad, Julia and Aunt Lois. And I need to buy a gift for Donielle (my sister-in-law), my 3 step brothers and my cousin Little Boone. But I think I am just going to get gift cards for my step brothers and Little Boone. I have not a clue what teenage boys want besides xbox games but I am sorry but I’m not paying $50 a piece for them. I think a $20 gift card each sounds reasonable enough for the four of them.

Mike’s gift hasn’t come in yet and it better soon! I may start to panic in a couple weeks if they don’t call me to tell me it’s in.

I have spent way to much money this Holiday season. More then I would of liked but ’tis the season that grabs a hold of me and with all the Christmas decorations, sparkling lights, holiday music and jolly fat guys I never had a prayer. I have put most of it on my credit card and will probably take till the middle of next year to pay off but it’s worth it. Atleast it better be worth it.

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary is on December 8th. Mike is off this Friday and Saturday so we are just going to celebrate it then. Raven is going to stay Friday night with my mom and Saturday night with his mom. Giving us the weekend to our selves that will be spent catching up on movies and wrapping her Christmas gifts. Mike is going to take me out to eat for breakfast and I am taking him out to eat for dinner.

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    December 1, 2005 at 3:22 pm

    What a gorgeous tree! I am in love!

    I wish we could get a real tree too, but it’d be bare by the end of Christmas because of our 8 cats. Haha.

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