Mouse in the House

Mike woke me up at almost 2am this morning to inform me that we have a mouse in the house. He heard a nose in the kitchen and went to investigate it and seen that one of the pizza rolls that he didn’t eat was off of the plate and on the other side of the counter. For the life of me I don’t know why he didn’t just put them down the garbage disposal or feed them to London. So that led him to believe that we have a mouse. So he came in and woke me up so I could deal with it. See, Mike and I have an agreement. He takes care of spiders and I take care of every other pest. It works for us. When he told me we had a mouse it really wasn’t a surprise. The owners of the big gray building that is located beside our property was messing around in there the other day. And every time they go in that building a couple of days later we get a mouse or two. So I got up and set the mousetrap placing just a little dab of peanut butter to attract the little critter and went back to bed. I checked the trap this morning and of course it was licked clean. It must not be big enough to set the trap off yet. We won’t be going to walmart until Friday so I will have to wait until then to get the good ones that cost almost $10 for two disposable traps but they seem to catch them every time even if the little buggers are too small. At first I do feel bad about killing the cute little mice but after a couple of days of me cleaning up their little droppings I don’t feel bad at all and just have pure hatred for them and can’t wait to here the trap snap.

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    December 1, 2005 at 3:25 pm

    Well, hopefully those traps’ll be snappin’ away. We had a mouse in our house once and that night I couldn’t go to sleep because I kept feeling like he was biting my toes. I’m a paranoid bitch, what can I say. Hahaha.

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