Busy Week, So Rant Away

This week is going to be a very busy one for me. I have to wrap presents and bake and bake and bake and bake. So I do not know how much I will be able to post this week so here are my rants which should give enough fuel for you to leave comments saying how stupid and ignorant I am. I bit of a warning, theses are my rants. They may not make a lick of sense and will have profanity thrown in there cause I have a mouth like a truck driver.

I really don’t get it. I get many people from the left side of the political scale visiting my blog. And always in the comment section there will be someone that tells me that I am wrong in my beliefs and sometimes even going as far as insinuating that I am stupid for my beliefs. Why do you visit then? I do not go to their blogs and tell them that they are wrong. I agree to disagree. But most of their statements are very unfounded. Saying that I don’t have to worry about the ACLU? Yeah right. They need to look outside the main stream media once and awhile. Put down the New York Times and look else where for your news source and you might broaden your mind a little.

I do not know if this is just rumors or if it is actually fact but the buzz on some movie websites is that they will be digitally reducing the crotch of the actor who is set to play Superman in Superman Returns cause it is too distracting. If this is true it is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard! How many movies are out there that have huge boobs in them. I am not talking about most Hollywood actresses, I am talking about their chests? And none of them are too distracting to be digitally reduced. Except for Lindsay Lohan in Disney’s Herbie Fully Loaded which in the first place that movie should of never been made. This world was made for men. Cause no one in Hollywood would have any actresses breast digitally reduced cause it might be distracting. That’s how they get male viewers. But they can not show any male genitals or now I guess even when their fully clothed cause it will be “distracting”. Sometimes I think it’s cause these men in charge of the movies have penis envy.

Cigarettes vs Alcohol: Why is it that everyone is so against cigarettes but no one is saying shit about alcohol. What other company do you know of that has to make commercials urging people to not buy their product? Only cigarette companies. Cigarettes are not worst then alcohol. Cigarettes do not cloud your judgement and change your way of thinking. No one is has been arrested for being under the influence of cigarettes. And all the under age kids I know drink a hell of a lot more then they smoke. My mom smokes cigarettes and she is an alcoholic. And I had no problem when she was smoking cigarettes but when she started drinking she would beat the shit out of me. She has not had a drink in over 10 years, thank the good Lord. No one has caused an accident by being under the influence of cigarettes. But slowly, cigarettes are becoming outlawed while the beer flows freely? Am I the only one that finds that asinine?

Being an illegal immigrant is breaking the law! Either stop them from coming over illegally or get rid of the fucking law! What the hell is the sense in having a law if you’re not going to enforce it. I really don’t care if we have people from all over the world move to America as long as they do it legally and know how to speak english. So that they are accounted for and have to pay taxes too. And please don’t leave stupid ass remarks in my comments saying that I should go back to where my ancestors came from. In the fist place my ancestors are from England and some are Native Americans and since there was no immigration law at the time they did not come over illegally. And the other part of my ancestors lived here to begin with. And it is quite hilarious to see the left say that if you are wanting to enforce the law to stop illegal aliens then you have a grudge against Mexicans. Always like the left to bring up racism and prejudice. And calling them undocumented immigrants is a load of bullshit! “Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest.” (Quote Taken from http://www.illegalaliens.us/ )

Political Corrections: I am so fucking tired of political correctness! What a load of shit. We as Americans have become a bunch of pussies. We might has well start eating croissants and calling ourselves the French (just a joke people. don’t get your panties in a bunch). It is getting to a point where you can not say certain things for fear of being labeled a racist. A while back on a message board for which I am a member of they where talking about Kayne West. And I made the comment that I don’t like him. That’s exactly what I wrote “I don’t like him.” And of course there was one person and said that I must be racist then. What the fuck? No, I don’t like him cause he sucks as a singer. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I hate a lot of black people just like I hate a lot of white people. That doesn’t make me racist. And yes, on family guy I laugh at the jokes about Black people just like a laugh at the jokes about white people. Christians, republicans, whatever. We take ourselves to seriously. Just loosen up and stop it before you give yourself a heart attack..

It’s always someone else’s fault: I got cancer from smoking cigarettes so I am going to sue the tobacco companies cause it’s there fault. No you jackass it’s your fault. Are you fucking stupid? Cause I can read right on the side of the box where it says May cause Cancer. And if you didn’t know that then you are an idiot. The tobacco company did not force you to smoke their cigarettes. You have free will and you choose to do it so it’s your fault you have cancer not theirs. “I got fat on McDonald’s food so I am going to sue them.” That’s right cause McDonalds was stuffing those big macs down your throat. Do you know who’s fault it is that I am fat? MINE! Do you know who’s fault it is if your fat? YOURS! “My teenager is getting in trouble with the law, it’s the people’s fault who are calling the police.” No you fucking moron! It’s your fault for not being a parent, it’s your fault for not teaching him how to act, it’s your fault for not bending him over your knee and blistering his ass.

Why is it fine and dandy to have United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America but replace them with United Caucasian College Fund, White Entertainment Television and Miss White American and you will have Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson throwing one hell of a hissy fit.

Guns kill people. No the person behind the gun pulling the trigger kills people. You can also kill people with a knife, car, sword, bat, hammer, the instruments of murder are endless. So why only being up in arms about guns? Do you really think that if there was no guns that the killings would stop? No, they might die down a bit at first but the death rate would slowly rise as people would find more creative ways of killing each other.

Yes, I voted for Bush twice and yes I think the war was a good idea. But I also think we should of waited until we were more prepared and not of gone in there ass backwards.

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    Callen Damornen
    December 19, 2005 at 12:56 pm

    Wow! Someone who actually thinks the same as I do about the war, political correctness, illegal immigrants and alcohol!

    I am never against a just war, but you always go in with the right plan when your own people’s lives are on the line.

    PC is a blight on the First Amendment for free speech and expression.

    I can understand why people feel the need to come here, but why pander to help them break the law. Either we have free borders or we don’t. NAFTA and CAFTA have only made the problem worse.

    Alcohol is just as bad as cigarettes, overeatting, and other bad habits. Either single them all out or let people be free to enjoy their bad habits.

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    December 19, 2005 at 3:37 pm

    It feels like the whole word nowadays is based on female sex appeal. I heard a similar situation with a beach in, I think…Florida (?) which outlawed men from wearing speedos. The same beach, however, permits women to wear skimpy bikinis, etc. It’s a wonder how us women are attracted to men, since the media makes them all out to be sex crazed animals. And it’s also a wonder how men fall in love and marry sex objects.. A woman’s breasts being half revealed through a tight tshirt, is just as inappropriate as seeing a man’s bulge through tight pants. I don’t know why producer’s can’t just come up with interesting movies, instead they give us a load of crap filled with things they know people will be attracted to. I used to get really pissed off when I saw a sex scene in a movie, now I just laugh like ‘Ahh, so THAT’S why this movie even made it into the theatres…’

    I agree with you on the problem with alcohol. It amazes me how hard it is for teens to get a hold of cigarettes, but how easy it is for them to get drunk. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my underage friends have parties that serve alcohol! And it also amazes me how many ‘Tell you’re kids not to smoke’ commercials there are on tv and how little ‘tell your kids not to drink’ commercials there are.

    And as for the racist thing, I’m with you 100%. Black people have absolutely no shame when they call us “white people”, so why should white people feel shame when they say “black people”. We should all be treated equally, not be categorized into our own “cliques”. One of my friends, who is black, uses “being black” as an excuse. He got into a fight once with another guy who said he didn’t like him, and his first comeback was ‘It’s because he’s racist.’ I was like, ‘No, it’s most likely because he doesn’t like you. I think he would equally hate you if you were white, yellow, red, or purple.’

    Anything can be used as a weapon, literally. When people say “Guns Kill”, it also goes for knives, bats, wooden boards, nail guns, chainsaws, etc etc…They’re all equally deadly. The reason why people just say Guns Kill though is because guns are designed TO kill..and to just do that. But what people don’t realize is, that reason is either out of self defense or hunting animals…not to kill people out of revenge or boredom.

    You know, my brother’s currently in the war and even though I don’t know what he’s doing at the moment, he once told me awhile back that when you get over there and you’re in war, your country doesn’t matter to you, the people back home don’t matter to you, when you get over there the reason why you’re even IN war doesn’t matter to you, all that matters are the guys fighting next to you; your brothers….those are who you’re fighting for. Sorry, just a spur of the moment paragraph, haha.

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    December 22, 2005 at 5:14 pm

    I am not sure that anyone has ever called you stupid from the comments that I have read. I know that I have tried to give you the opposing viewpoint but have never thought that you were stupid. I think that one of the truly interesting ideas of the blogosphere is that people can express their ideas and engage in civilized debate. Part of debate is feeling free to visit and leave reactions to other people’s ideas. Intellectual honesty demands that you listen and debate with the opposing viewpoint. I know that you would be welcome to visit my site and post comments.

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    December 22, 2005 at 7:49 pm

    Of course you won’t find them still in the comments section cause not only did they insult me they also threatened me on multiple occasion from more then one person. I should of kept those comments up but I felt they made liberals look like nutty assholes (which a lot are on both sides of the political scale). And as long as it is a civilized debate the comments will stand. But once they threaten me the comment comes down.

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