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Mike got his Xbox 360 in Wednesday. He loves it and has been fooling around with it and Xbox Live since then.

My dad called me at 12:46pm yesterday to say that him and my step mom would be coming out for a visit. They live 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive away from us and with Mike’s work schedule right now we didn’t think we would be seeing them until early spring 2006. So needless to say it was a very pleasant surprise. Mike got off of work at 2:20 yesterday and My dad and Julia arrived at about 4:30 and took us out to eat and then when we came back home we open each others Christmas gifts. They got Raven one of those Fly Pens with an journal and Spanish attachments. Raven loves it and has been playing with it ever since. They got Mike 2 $50 gift certificates to the mall and I got 3 $50 gift certificates to the mall. So we went to the mall today so I can spend, spend, spend. We will see just have much I actually do spend. See I am kinda neurotic. I see all kinds of things I want and would love to buy and say that I will buy it when I have the money and then when I finally do have the money to spend on myself I just don’t want to let it go. It is really a pain in the ass. I just bought me 6 pairs of Vintage 2 Disney underwear and a pair of Bambi sleep pants which came $28.

Here is the inventory of all the gifts I got for Christmas and from who:

60 G Ipod – Mike (anniversary and Christmas gift)
2 Silicon Baking Sheets – Mike
1 Cookie Sheet – Mike
Bloodrayne 2 XBox Game – Mike
Picture Frame that she made with picture of herself in it – Raven (both mine and Mike’s gift)
3 $50 Gift Certificates to the mall – Dad and Julia (THANKS!)
Jacket – Mom and Nan
2 Novelty Light / Table Night Lights – Mom and Nan
Fuzzy Slippers – Mom and Nan
Silicon Rose Cupcake / Muffin pan – Mom and Nan
Smoothie Maker – Mom and Nan (for both mike and I)
$25 – Karen (mother in law)
$50 – Roger (father in law)
$35 Gift Certificate to the mall – Grandma and Grandpa Flanigan (grandparents in law)
Coke Cola Clock – Aunt Lois and Uncle Jerry (for both mike and I)
Coke Cola Christmas Cookie Jar – Sis, Sonny and the boys (for both mike and I)
Popcorn Tin – Aunt Janie, Uncle Boone and Little Boone (for both mike and I)
2 The Doors magnets – Daniel, Windy and Johnna
Box of Chocolates – Uncle Delbert (for both mike and I)

What I Got For Everyone

Mike – Xbox 360 with an extra wireless control, Call of Duty 2, Madden 2006 and Castlevania (for the regular Xbox) plus a year subscription to the official Xbox magazine.

Raven – Mike and I got her the cabbage patch kid baby bald headed boy and the complete Jurassic Park DVD set. Not to mention what all Santa Claus brought her.

Mom – 24″ TV and DVD player for her bedroom

Nan – Keeping Up Appearances DVD set (it’s a british comedy)

Dad and Julia – I got Dad a $50 gift certificate to Cabela’s and Julia a small gift set from Bed, Bath and Body Works. Plus I have on back order a Coleman’s portable heater they want for both of them. Sorry it hasn’t come in yet!

Karen (mother in law) – Jewelry Armoire

Roger (father in law) – Rifle Laser Bore Sighter

Aunt Lois – Garfield Planter

Uncle Jerry – Best of Bonanza DVD

Daniel – Best of Mad TV Seasons 8, 9 and 10 DVD

Windy – Tinkerbell Purse

Johnna – Fisher-Price Little People Surprise Sounds Fun Park

Aunt Janie – My aunt Janie has been wanting me to make a picture of her and she is always talking about wanting big boobs. Well, I’ll just let the picture speak for it’s self. Click Here.

Uncle Boone – Camouflage Shirt

Little Boone – $10 Gift Card at Walmart

Sis – Autograph picture of Matthew McConaughey inscribe to her and a pillowcase with Matthew McConaughey picture on it.

Sonny – Tin of spiced candied walnuts I made.

Chris, Cody and Gage – Madagascar DVD

Uncle Delbert – Gift Basket I made with all kinds of goodies in it.

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