Westboro Baptist Church aka The Anti Christ

These so called Christians (Westboro Baptist Church) are going to be protesting the miners funeral here in Buckhannon West Virginia. They have protested the funerals of soldiers holding up signs saying Thank God For Dead Soldiers. These people make me sick. I know that the mayor of Buckhannon is not happy about them coming to our great state but there’s nothing we can do. This whole group is asinine and makes Christians look very bad. You can read there hate fueled flyer here and their site is GodHatesFags.com. They take Christianity and The Bible and twist it all to hell. On there website it says and I quote “Everyone who gets AIDS gets it as a direct result of God’s will (including babies and people who get it from blood transfusions), and He should be blessed for it.” What the fuck! If God passed at diseases to punish us for our sins we would all be lined up at the free clinic! These idiots go has far as calling the Sago Baptist Church a sodomite whorehouse! West Virginians are still God Fearing people and we also don’t take lightly to so called Christians spewing nothing but hate from their months trying to say it’s God’s word. It wouldn’t surprise me if they go the shit kicked out of them while protesting the miner’s funerals. Secretly, I am hoping they do.

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    January 7, 2006 at 9:06 pm

    I heard about godhatesfags.com a few weeks ago and when I visited it, it made me SICK. I like how he, so professionally, refers to homosexuals as “fags”.

    They do twist the Bible around so much, saying that God hates you. They take revenge because someone bombed their church by going to soldiers who were killed by IED’s funerals and holding signs saying “Thank God For IED’s”, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”.

    I wonder how the family of these dead soldiers feel when a group of high strung lunatic, Bible thumpers start screaming and holding signs that say “Thank God For IED’s” at their sons or daughters funeral.

    Fred Phelps (the guy in charge of godhatesfags) thinks everyone’s out to get him. When someone asks him a question like ‘Doesn’t it say in the Bible…such and such’ his answer is always “YES/No..BUT-”

    I say his whole organization is a God-Fearing Satanic cult and nothing more or less.

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    January 8, 2006 at 12:15 am

    I’m from Kansas and used to live in Topeka where this “organization” is based. You drive down the street and see 8 year olds holding posters with stick figures having sex. But of course, they do no wrong.

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    January 8, 2006 at 6:40 am

    Why on earth would they protest a funeral? Very strange. God Bless the miners and their families.

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