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It seems as if Hank Williams Jr. will be coming to West Virginia to visit the surviving miner who is a big fan of his. Hank Williams Jr, who’s father Hank Williams died in West Virginia on New Year’s Day 1953, talked to Rita Cosby on MSNBC the other night. You can view the video Here .

Mike is loving his new Xbox 360 and is thoroughly enjoying Xbox Live. The other night he got to play Xbox Live with his cousin Steven who lives in PA. He was having a great time. I love seeing him like that. He really has no close friends to hang out with anymore. My cousin Daniel and Mike are best friends but Daniel doesn’t have time to hang out with Mike. He’s got a daughter who just turned 1 in October and another one on the way and his girlfriend keeps him on a short leash so he can’t just come over and hang out anymore. Me, I have no close friends. Just online friends and acquaintances that use to be friends back in high school. But it doesn’t bother me cause I am not a people person anyway and don’t mind being alone. But I think deep down it does bother Mike. He is a charmer who can strike up a conversion with anyone and very few people don’t like him. So it’s good that he can now have someone to hang out with even if it is only through the ability of Xbox Live and the head set that come with it.

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