Tid Bits

I think that only Christopher Reeves can be Superman and only Michael Keaton can be Batman and anyone who thinks differently is a fool.

I am getting tired of the remakes of all these great old tv shows and movies. They suck!

Seann William Scott is NO Bo Duke.

Brokeback Mountain will get an Oscar Nod whether it deserves one or not just because it has a gay love story. I don’t know if it deserves one or not cause I have yet to see it but I think it is stupid to nominate a movies just because of it’s story line. But then again the Oscars suck anymore.

Speaking of that movie, for awhile I honestly though it was called Bareback Mountain.

I think Howard Stern is a jackass.

My ideal time to get up in the morning is between 8am and 9am not wanting to sleep past 10am but during school days I have to get up at 6:30am. I hate the school season.

I take my camera just about everywhere I go and have been threatened, on more then one occasion, with getting my camera shoved up my ass by family members.

I think anyone who says that monogamy is impossible just can’t keep their dick in their pants or their legs closed.

Once someone becomes a celebrity they seem to lose brain cells. Now this doesn’t seem to effect all celebrities just the majority of them. There is still a small number of stars that seem to be immune to this phenomena, Tom Cruise is not one of them.

If it was up to me our home would be filled with animals. I would bring in every stray and homeless animal I would see. But Mike always brings me down to earth. Even though I am trying to talk him into letting me get a kitty.

Watching any sport on television is boring. I hate it. But I love watching sports if I’m actually at the game.

I hate the movie Titanic and think it is overrated.

I am getting fed up with our house. I despise it. I wish we could just get it all fixed up. If I ever buy a house again it will not be a fixer upper.

I have yet to read the Da Vinci Code and don’t see why people are taking this book so seriously. It’s located in the fiction section for Christ sakes.

I am NOT a desperate housewife and am proud of that fact.

Emily Reason’s Why Not : I only watched bits and pieces of this tv show and it is so unbelievable! Heather Graham not being able to find a man that wants to sleep with her? Bullshit! Why don’t they actually get an unattractive person to play that part instead of a beautiful women with big breast?

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    January 15, 2006 at 7:59 pm

    I agree with you about super man and bat man… why dont they leave whats good alone and get a more origional idea???

    I havent seen Brokeback Mountain and I am sort of curious but I am not a gay supporter and dont really think such things belong out in the open like this movie for all to see…

    I also think Howard Stern is a jackass!!!

    I know what you mean about stupid movie stars the vast majority of them are major air heads and have the craziest ideas… Tom cruise is a nut!!!

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