Warning: Rant Up Ahead!

I absolutely love Internet Movie Database and I go there all the time. Sometimes I even post on their message board which I wish I would stop doing cause they people on there make me so frustrated and angry. I am not a fan of the director Eli Roth. Well to be honest I absolutely hate him. For some reason he makes my blood boil. It could be the fact that he is taking my favorite genre (horror) and trying to tun it into an un-scary, un-gory soft core porn fest. Any way while discussing his newest movie Hostel on the IMDB boards I was told that I don’t like seeing naked women cause I am fat and have a low self esteem. It’s funny how perfect strangers seem to “think” they know all about you. They must have ESP. The thing is I don’t have a problem with naked women. I can appreciate the beauty of a naked woman just as much as the next gal. My problem is that this world is made for men who act like they just hit puberty and have never seen a naked women in person. If your going to show the sex show how it truly is. In real life the mans penis isn’t always hidden behind a piece of furniture or some dark shadow while the woman’s breasts are in full view. It’s just shitty ass double standards and if woman don’t like that then it’s cause we have low self esteem. Bull Shit! Now I have been a fan of horror movies way before I became a teenager and I know that naked women and horror goes hand in hand. I don’t have a problem with it unless it is just an abundance of naked women and sex making it a soft core porn instead of a horror movie. That’s going to far. If it reminds you of something that should be shown on the weekends after midnight on Cinemax or HBO then it has taken the whole thing too far. Eli Roth sucks as a horror director but would probably make a good porn director.

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