Busy Busy Busy

Just some quick updates so y’all know I’m still here.

I have been so busy lately. The lingerie store is almost up. That’s right we are opening another online store. This one is more mine then Mike’s. Hopefully it will all be up and running by the beginning of next week.

Mike has been getting 4 days of lately and only working 3 days which I am enjoying. Raven and I love having him around. That’s the good think about him only working part time.

Raven got her report card in yesterday. All A’s! She’s does so good in school and she really enjoys it. I hope she continues to carry this 4.0 average throughout high school.

Mike and I watched the new remake of The Fog last night. What a waste of time. They took a simple yet very effective ghost story and turned it into a piece of Hollywood crap. Go watch John Carpenter’s The Fog for a chilling horror movie.

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    January 27, 2006 at 12:01 pm

    When I went out with that kid Brett, we went to go see The Fog. I also thought it was really bad, hahaha.

    Hey, you’ve gotta post the link to your new lingerie store online for us all to visit!

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