Man = Pervert

I have come to the conclusion that most men are depraved perverts that need real psychiatric help, maybe even shock treatment. I have always had an inkling that that last statement was true for quite some time now but what brought me to the realization that it was damn near a fact was while I was looking through Mike’s Xbox magazine and came across an article talking about how hot the computer animated women where in some game. The key word to that was Computer Animated. You got to be kidding me. What the hell is wrong with this guys? Really, cause there is no way they are right in the head. Talking about the jiggling of a computer animated woman’s breasts! Seems like most men are stuck in the puberty stage talking about “boobies” and trying so desperately to see a pair of naked breasts. Seriously, it’s true. That’s why everything that is marketed towards men always have a naked or close to naked woman in it, on it or around it. Look at the Tag body spray commercials. You men wear this and all kinds of hot woman will want to have sex with you no matter what you look like or how you act. There is no way any women are that stupid to fall for that type of marketing. But low and behold men are. And they say that women are the weaker sex, BULLSHIT!

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