Andrea Yates

I can not believe that Andrea Yates is out of jail for right now and staying in a posh “mental” facility. Did y’all see the pictures of that place! It’s more like a resort! They have paddle boats, dances every week, art exhibits, animals. This women drown her 5 children and she is sent to a place like this! If that doesn’t show that our society is going down the shitter then I don’t know what does. This women murdered her 5 children and she is living in a nicer place then most Americans! I don’t have a pond in my back yard with swans and deer that I can feed and pet. I don’t get to go dancing every week. This is not a place that a murderer should be. They say Andrea doesn’t deserve to go to jail cause she is mentally ill. Will no shit! If you can kill someone in cold blood, especially your own children, then there most be something wrong with ya upstairs. Does that mean that you shouldn’t be put to death, no it doesn’t! I listened on Scarborough Country last night to her defense attorney say that she has had mental problems all her life. Really? She was nuts all along and she still kept having babies? Interesting.

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    February 3, 2006 at 12:45 pm

    that’s messed up! she should be locked in her car and it should be slowly rolled into the water for her to drown, just like she did to her kids!

    this country sucks….we reward murder and hurt the poor hard working good people.

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